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Bhrighu Astro-Vastu

Bhrighu Vastu is an Astro-Vastu-where you are able to predict various objects in the house only looking at the birth chart and its accuracy and effectiveness are above par than any other system.

I have proved this over and over again during my consultations (See screenshots below) from live reading -All I am doing is reading birth chart and explaining to native -why he is facing certain issues in life.


You will be able to predict from the Washing machine to books on the bed using this system. Over a period of time, I have used this system to solve numerous problems for several clients.

You will be able to predict various objects in the house, workplace and the present condition of the house.

  • How many people are sitting in the house?

  • Who is sitting with the native at present and his characteristics and life story using only the birth chart?

  • Which equipment will go bad with Year and Date- Also What does it signify?

  • Planets in different signs make different objects- How to identify and make objects?

  • Vastu correction of home and office only using the birth chart.


 Duration of Course- 15 sessions -2.5 Hour Each

Batch Size-12 (Batch full for March session, We will invite applications again in June 2020)

Eligibility-This course is open for selective candidates who are dedicated students of Lunar Astro- to be considered for this course, Please do predictive course first.

Price-2.5 Lakh for students of Lunar Astro.


            3 Lakh for newcomers (Predictive Astrology course included.)

Tentative Date- Mid December

Some examples of Bhrighu Vastu- from Live readings