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Predictive Astrology Course

This course has been designed in such a way that you can be an absolute beginner in astrology or a practicing astrologer with 15 years of experience this course is something you do not want to miss as I have always said in my youtube videos the basics are key to any prediction and this course will serve as a launchpad for your predictive astrology journey-This course will contain 16 classes and not only will solve the mystery of prediction but also give you a jump start to make absolute brilliant predictions from blank chart only.

Course Contents-I have designed this course in a most practical way possible-We all know different qualities of each sign but how to actually pick up every small detail and make a prediction out of the simple thing is something which comes with experience.

How to predict on blank chart using qualities of Sign.

How to verify lineage of chart by combinations in chart as well as identifying symptoms in lineage.
Stories related to different planet and Signs and how to use them for predictive purposes.
Excerpts from Lal- Kitab and how they synchronize with Vedic astrology.
Remedies related to every planet.

How to decode a Shloka from classical text and make technique out it.

How to Predict combining various qualities of Sign and planets.

Bonus technique on-

How to see when someone from past life will meet us.

Birth Time rectification Techniques.

Paribharaman Paddati- To predict yearly events such as Marriage, Job Change, House, Car, health.

Every Fortnight there is a doubt clearing session for students+Lal Kitab rules decoded.

Account Name- Lunar Astro Vedic Academy
Account Type- Current
Account Number-0066102000038517
IFSC Code-IBKL0000066
Price-31500 or 480 USD

Inclusive of Pre-Read books and presentations and 18% GST






Indian Customers

Outside India Customers

Course Feedback from Current Students-When asked to compare this course with several others.

Pallav Sharma

Guru Ji, Namaskar 


 Apke Charan Kaha hai, this course not only deserve it fees but also You deserve a great gratitude and respect for this, I really thanks god that i came to know about you and started your course, Only one desire in mind to bow down to you and touch your feet for this awesome knowledge. 


I am learning astrology from last 5 years did 3 Courses, on Vedic, KP and Astro but this Course is awesome, I predicted 5 things to 3 people that is exact and accurate.


I am a slow learner as I my mercury is debilitated in 8th house with Rahu and Jupiter. it may take some time to send you assignment but I will send you 100% In next 15 days.


Also Request you to please enroll me in Live course if you are conducting any in future that will be great help for me.



Ritesh Shah
Sat, May 11, 11:28 PM (19 hours ago)
to me



Please don’t be concerned about the quality of your lectures. You are an world class astrologer. I would not compare you with anyone I have spoken to because it will be an insult to your knowledge. I am not saying this because I am learning from you because, I have never felt to learn from anyone from past 10 years but from you. You are correct that Cancer ascendants go to lot of astrologers but my search ends here as I have found you as my guru. I have been testing techniques you are giving out and it works like a charm. Whenever you say something about an ascendant, sign or planet, I start running charts in my mind and its bang on. I have consulted worlds top most astrologers whose name is on top of the list and all over the Internet but no one can touch your knowledge. Sir there is a saying by Bruce Lee which goes like “ I am not scared of a person who knows a million technique but, I am scared of a person who has practiced one technique a million times”. By quoting this I want to say that you techniques are so unique and refined like Saturn-Venus combination that you don’t need to worry about other million astrologers or courses they offer. I have no intention to practice commercial astrology in future and the only reason I want to learn this so I could be close to you. I am going to take all your classes that you will be offering and once I finish it, I will start with basics again. I just love astrology because it makes me feel connected to the supreme energy and you make me realize that. God Bless.


Comm Tricks
3:18 PM (3 hours ago)
to me

Dear Sir,

I read thousand of jyotish articles on internet but what you taught us in last two session was not available anywhere.

What you taught in last 2 lectures is 100% true. I am Taurus ascendant, i have applied your techniques on me and found 100% true.

Now i feel , i got good guru.


Neelabh Shivam
7:26 PM (0 minutes ago)
to me

Hello Sir,

So far whatever you have taught is working 100 %. I have never seen such techniques anywhere on internet/youtube. I can say from my experience that you are the best astrologer at this point of time on internet who not only tells the problem but also gives the reason for it with remedies. This is the way real astrology should be. The course content is perfect, in just 2 sessions you have given a lot of techniques and whatever you speak is worth it.
I am so happy that I joined this course.


Dear Deepanshu Sir 
Just started learning from you and attended only 2 classes till the time.

I feel that I learned so many techniques from you and have a confidence that after doing only 2 classes I can predict so many things 
and in first Class on Aries I tested 8to 10 charts and find correct answers and after second class on Taurus asc whatever u give knowledge and remedies there is no comparison and I have not learnt any where neither in any youtube nor in any Guru specially on Venus sat combination.

I feel proud of myself that I am your student and learning great knowledge from you and I have lot of confidence on myself that after the course I can predict with in a second to see any chart.

one more thing generally astrologers predict about normal things only but after learning from you I am sure I can predict the things out of the box thinking.

waiting to learn more and more techniques in coming classes.

Thanks and regards