Astro remedies

Some astro remedies which will make your life better or solve problems can be solved

1.Please lite a dia in front of tulsi Everyday except sunday.

2. whether your house is small or big you should have these five trees they are amla,shami,white akda, tulsi,hibuscus.

3. Feed street dogs daily please dont give them 3 or 4 days stale food.while giving food stand overdere for 2 minutes it will give energy of lord ketu and your ketu becomes strong.

4. If someone came to your house specially relatives take care you offer them lunch or dinner.believe me no one comes in your house for two chappatis but feel the change there is no use of puja and upays if guests are going without meals. I know todays ladies are working they don’t have time for themselves but i m not saying to serve full deluxe thali just sumple food it will make all your planets gud and there will barkat in income.

5. You all will be shock that our relatives are associated with planets if u don't beleive in upays don't have time for remedies simply respect your relatives as bua ,sister and daughter indicates mercury, mars represent your mama and elder brother. saturn represents chacha or tauji.Nani dadis mother or widow ladies are moon.Father is as like sun. Ketu is your bhanja, wife's brother. Jupiter is your teachers so always respect all your relatives and teachers.

6.Every friday give food to cow worship laxmiji nd shri yantra with red roses and ghee ka DIA will improve your luxorious life.

7. Behave nicely with your maids.not because they are poor but safai workers represent shani. You remember modiji while in kumbh mela touch and wash the feets of safai workers you know this remedy will make your shani stronger as modiji is facing sadesati of shani.I m not saying wash your maids feet but please behave nicely give them food or something specially on saturday.

8. plant two amla trees nearby your temple and take care of them.

9. Don’t gave money to beggars but please give them some food.keep biscuits in your car whenever you see them give them food.they are also human being.

10. Put kesar tilak on your forehead tongue and on belly buttons for 43 days you will get relief from office problems.

11.whenever you see kinnars or hijdas please give them atleast 10 rupees never laugh or crack jokes on them as they are like god you know mercury planet itself is a kinnar so make your mercury strong it will give u budhi.

12. Your washrooms should be neat and clean with good fragrances as this place represents rahu.

13.Bedsheets of your houses should be neat and clean don’t use rough or torn sheets it will make your venus bad which are comforts jwellery cosmetics and love.

These are simple remedies which are not tuff to follow.

see changes in life.

Hope you like.

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