Predict Story of Life in one Line-

Predict story of life using strength of house

There are sometimes predictions which you make which the reader remembers for ever. Here are a few of them, and discussed in this article is the technique which was used as the basis for them.

Prediction 1

Here is one of the stories, where the prediction made was “You will have to choose between husband and money, and this is the year? Also, the test will come in every birth if you keep failing!”

Prediction 2

“Four years before birth, you had fight with a priest, which is why you have a problem right now”

The client admitted, he accused someone of stealing money who was a Brahmin. The priest had come to do Pooja. They fought with him and because of which the problem is coming now.

Prediction 3

“Some old employee must have come back at this time and must have given you losses.

Prediction 4

”You must be very close to achieving spirituality, and then a lady came and you fell from your spiritual heights”

In a nutshell, to pin point as to what was that one particular event which happened at some given time and what happened which is the root cause of your current problems, is how you predict “Story of life in One line!”

One of the core concepts which were used in these predictions was the concept of “Bhava Bala” which is composed of

Strength of the house

How many planets are aspecting that house?

Digbala of the same house.

When these three things add up, Bhava Bala is found out. Houses with excessive low or high strength deserve to be seen. They are very important houses.

All yogas formed in these houses should be “investigated” as they will lead to “important” or “critical” events in a person’s life.

Bhav Bal

Strength of the house-

In connection with Bhav Bal, here are some Important points to keep in mind

Every house has some strength. House delivers results according to it’s strength only.

As per Varahimihira, strength of the house should be more than 480, when it comes to finding out results of a Raja Yoga Ordinary house strength should be 420, for a house to give results.

Any house with points nearing the highest or lowest amount requires attention.

To find the purpose of one’s life, look at the house with the highest points and Major pattern of life is visible through Bhav Bal alone.

Let us take some theoretical examples as to how to use the above concepts.

Example 1

To find out about one’s hard work, gain and expenses, look at strength (Bhav Bal) of the 10th, 11th and 12th houses alone. Say if the 10th house has only 300 points but the 11th house has 700+ points, the person is a freelancer. He may get small jobs or assignments, but gets paid heavily in huge amounts for them. The person may not work regularly, but will get the income regularly. Look at the 2nd house also, since it shows your earning capability. Also look at the 12th house, since it is your expenses.

Example 2

To compare married life, compare the 1st and 7th house points.

Example 3

Arnold Shwarzeneggar

Bhav Bal

Look at the highest points of the first house. He is known for his 1st house affairs – body, personality, self, charisma. The lowest points are in the 8th house. Here is a technique. Now look at the 8th house lord. It goes to 2nd house of family, “kutumb”, conjunct 5th lord and Sun. Those who follow Arnold’s life closely would know that he had a “hidden second family”, a child born out of a marriage kept secret from the world with his former maid. The reader is left to investigate the dashas when this marriage happened and you will see how the patterns of the dasha follow.

The reader can use the above “case study” to investigate Yogas too – as to when do they fructify and with what strength and efficacy.

Bhav Bal tells you where to investigate or look in a chart for the major trends or events in ones’ life.

Example 4: B V Raman

Why did he gain prominence?

He did so because he predicted World War 2. His highest strength is in the 6th house of calamities.

When you follow his dashas, you will find out which houses and planets are giving the results. As a thumb rule, please do follow Laghu Parashari to find out which dasha will give what results – especially when multiple planets are conjunct the dasha lord or influencing it.

Example 5: Donald Trump

1st house is maximum in strength and 7th house has become the house with lowest points.

So why has he become famous? Lowest points in 7th house has lead him to have three marriages and his problem with relationship with women.

Example 6: Choice between money or spouse

Here, the 1st house has the maximum strength along with the 10th house. Lord of both these houses goes to 2nd house with Venus and Moon.

By using many techniques and other placements, the prediction was made that this year (look at dasha), you have to choose between money and husband!

Point to note!

Different softwares will calculate Bhav Bal differently. Hence you can refer to Grah and Bhava Bala book by B V Raman and calculate it yourself.

To understand this technique, look at fifty charts of people you know and see how this technique works and major events or trends in a person’s life can be predicted using this technique. Sometimes the bhava with maximum bala can be the biggest problem if it receives lot of malefic aspects. It may be very good for wealth or the non living things of the house but very bad for the living things related to that house. Wherever benefics are conjunct or aspect, the living things thrive but the non living things may not become bountiful! Mix and match these rules and you will get good at your predictions.