When we talk about moon a image which comes in mind is of mother or nani so the first characterstic of weak moon is that a person does not have confidence as well as if a person has to take decision he or she will not be able to speak or feel hesitate to keep their view point or if the decision is to be taken for person itself he will not be able to speak what actually he or she wants in short we can say dependent on characterstic of a weak moon is person is alwaz restless and does not feel satisfaction what the person has he alwaz dream of which is impossible and it is the major reason of restlessnes

These were some basic characterstic of weak moon now we will talk about remedies

Alwaz respect your mother nani dadi or mother in law as she is also like mother or any old widow lady wherever you find in temple in your home or in neighbour areas please do respect them touch there feet and specially offer them something like white kheer or any sweet which is of white colour

Second,when you drink water or if you have gone to someone house and you have been offered water please dont leave water in glass.the water left in glass thrown in sink makes your moon weak.

Third, on monday go to temple nd offer milk to shivling if possible take some food for white cow if not white then any cow you see.

Wear a silver chain or jwellery. And lastly the remedy which is very important and if you can afford and it is to be done by your mother or nani.she should buy a small silver box fill it with raw rice and she should give you as gift and you have to keep it with you in your purse for whole life so these are the general remedies for making moon strong

Hope you will like the answer.

Follow the remedies you will find changes in your life.