The story of an Astrologer and Rich businessman.

This is a real time story of a legendary astrologer famously use to be known as -Kala pandit Ji and a very rich man in a city -Chandra bhan.

In a small town of Saharanpur, Uttar pradesh-there was a legendary astrologer and due to his dark complexion people use to call him kala pandit Ji.

He was very noble man and use to perform all his duties as a priest of bhairav temple with sincere dedication and people use to say he has “siddh” bhairav-Means at any point of time he can communicate with lord Bhairav. Also his dedication towards lord bhairav was such that in his aura you can feel the energy.

He had good knowledge of astrology so everyday there were visitors in temple who after aarti and pooja will consult pandit ji for their problems.

In same city there was a rich man -a Landlord named Chandra bhan -There is still a place on his name in city -Chandar nagar named after him only.

He was very much disappointed as he didn’t had any kid so he approached Kala pandit ji with problem, After carefully listening his problem and analysing his chart Kala pandit ji told him -to construct a temple and he will be blessed with Son.

Chandra bhan was very excited after hearing this as money was never an issue to him so quickly he donated some land as he had plenty and construction of temple also started, In the mean time his wife also got pregnant but as days passed by Chandra bhan stopped giving money for temple and temple was nearly ready only roof was to be done but due to lack of funds never got completed.

Anyhow nature has its own ways to tell story- The boy born to Chandrabhan was mentally challenged and they came to know only after 2–3 years after birth and this was very shocking for chandra bhan and family,  He went back again to pandit ji asking why it has happend, Pandit Ji replied with a question- Have you completed a temple ? To which he replied no but offered that he will get it completed soon.

To which pandit ji replied- Once a fruit has been riped you can’t change the flavor.

Till this date Chander nagar exist in Saharanpur but family of chandra bhan is living on rent somewhere as all his property was forcefully took over by someone else after his death.

The point i want to stress in a story was sometimes we promise different things to god but due to our busy schedule and lifestyle forgot to deliver, It’s a very dangerous thing to do. Whenever you promise any donation,Seva(Physical work in temple) or chaliya(40 day) or any other form to get your work completed, Please do complete it.

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