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Feedback of a lady -Who is retired IAS with absolutely no knowledge of astrology -after 10 classes she wrote this. 
I have to tell you this ...
When I was in India .. my niece and nephew quietly came to me and asked me to see their charts
With all your  teachings signs and Gods blessing.. I did predict quite a bit and some ..when I was predicting I thought it will be totally wrong as I know the person well and could not have happened...
But to my surprise she came back to me and said .. please don’t tell mom ... you are  💯 correct 
I was amazed and surprised 
I was so stunned. Everytime I sit in your class.. it gives me peace and that is the main reason and I enjoy astrology. I write down notes and I feel like I haven’t grasped much ..
But once I started looking st charts .. it just came and they all turned out to be true

I have become popular aunt now 😊

I am indebted to you 
Thank you 🙏

Prediction of a Student after 10 Classes- Identifying problem is there because she broke promise with God.

I predicted to a girl that her mom is having health problems and also conflict with her siblings at present and she confirmed. Then I predicted that she prayed to God that if she could talk or meet her love interest she would make a donation and take care of her mom.

She responded saying the following (screenshots attached)

"Yes I have bribed alot of god. Once after my first relationship in 2012 and last year.
Gurudwara that we usually go to, sevadaar of that gurudwara, I financed train tickets. Had planned more gifts for his daughter but relationship broke off.

Prediction of a Student after 3 classes-Identify the core problem of the chart.

Hello Sir,

I used technique of yesterday lecture
I told her "for your child and chair you will not get help from anyone
for this you and you have to take 
Responsibility "

She started crying ,she said yes 
Where I work that is my dad company and I want to be CEO but 
Dad told I have to achieve that chair by my own skills,he will not do anything

Second when I am going to office no one take my child responsibility
In my family, I had to keep one lady 
to take care of my baby 
My first child no tutor ready I have to take his study when I get back from office.

Thank you very much sir 
I am happy

These are some of my example predictions listed below.